Ways You Can Help at GES

How Can I Help at GES?

There are many ways that you can help at Germanton Elementary.  Below are just a few suggestions:
Volunteering:  We recognize the valuable contributions that school volunteers make to the learning process and the educational goals of our school. Instructional programs are enhanced through the contributions of students’ parents, community members, and local business and industry. Volunteers can contribute time, resources, and expertise that assist Our school to reach the goal of providing a sound basic education to Our children.

Parents are welcome to visit the schools and/or volunteer anytime. However, please do not go directly to a classroom. Sign in at the office upon arrival. Parents will be given a visitor’s badge to wear while in the building. Parents wishing to visit or volunteer in a classroom should contact the teacher prior to the visit.

Persons can volunteer at three levels, 1, 2, or 3:

Level 1: Volunteer activity does not include direct contact with or supervision of students. Examples may include clerical work at home, telephone volunteer, or beautification volunteer. Level 1 requires principal approval.

Level 2: Volunteer activity includes direct contact with and controlled access to students under the supervision of the professional staff. Examples may include lunch buddies, proctors, or in-class volunteers in a group setting. Level 2 screening requires principal approval and review of the national sex offender registry.

Level 3: Volunteer activity includes direct contact with and supervision of students. Examples may include reading buddies, instructional volunteers, before or after school tutors, or field trip chaperones. Level 3 screening includes principal approval, review of national sex offender registry and a criminal background check.  A Level 3 volunteer must complete an online Background Authorization & Release form before participation. Volunteers will be responsible for paying a $13.95 fee to cover the cost of the criminal background check. If you do not have internet access, please contact your school’s secretary.  You may click HERE to get to the online application.

Volunteers shall notify the Stokes County Schools Human Resources Department if they are arrested for, charged with or convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation. Failure by a volunteer to provide timely notice may lead to the volunteer being barred from volunteering at all levels.
Direct Donation: Germanton Elementary School will accept and appreciate any donations made throughout the year. Please make tax-deductible checks payable to Germanton Elementary School, and in the memo section list “Donation.” We can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. As you prepare to give your financial support to Germanton, remember: 1) Donations are 100% tax deductible. 2)100% of your donation stays at Germanton. 3) Many companies will match your donation.